Our Founder & CEO.

Alberto Gonzalez has been in the business of making change happen for years.

Alberto Gonzalez is leading a food revolution. As founder and CEO of GustOrganics, the worlds first and only 100% certified organic restaurant and one of the greenest and most progressive restaurants on the planet, Gonzalez has been in the business of making change happen for years.

Before opening GustOrganics in 2008, Gonzalez worked as a Business Consultant specializing in Change Management, by helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and expand. Today, his focus is still on change management as his entire approach to life, his community and restaurant is effectively managing and generating change. As a change agent, Gonzalez works to bring about change in the food system and change in how the community views and relates to food by bringing organics and sustainability into the mainstream.

While helping other companies prosper, the seed for GustOrganics was planted in Gonzalezs mind and he began growing his own idea into fruition.

Armed with a thorough knowledge of business and an MBA that he received from Universidad Austral, one of Latin Americas most prestigious business schools, (graduating Magna cum Laude), Gonzalezs most passionate business venture was inspired by his native Argentina.

Gonzalez set out to capture the tastes, the sights, the smells and the experiences of his childhood, growing up in Argentina. At home, his mother always prepared food that was fresh, healthy, and delicious. And as a natural born foodie, Gonzalez welcomed the idea of traveling to more than 40 countries and close to 200 cities, a consequence of his professional career which allowed him to indulge his palate with international cuisines while also whetting his appetite for innovative business models.

It was on one of his many international travels that he was struck with the idea of opening GustOrganics. New York is one of the most sophisticated cities in the world; however it seemed almost impossible to find fresh, wholesome food. Everything appeared to be form over function, food was all processed with very little of it being fresh.

Hoping to fill this void, he took a grassroots approach to marketing research by hitting the streets in order to speak to New Yorkers about their thoughts on an organic restaurant concept.

After a year of polling residents, Gonzalez compiled the various ideas into one organically green vision, GustOrganics, the first and only certified organic restaurant in New York and the worlds first certified restaurant using 100% organic ingredients.

Gonzalezs commitment to the organic lifestyle and his passion for food come to life in the restaurants Latin-fusion organic menu that offers a variety of meats, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. He happily encourages other restaurateurs to find ways to create greener businesses. He also makes time to meet with students from colleges and culinary schools, inspiring them to create organic and sustainable projects, and he is frequently asked to speak at various panel discussions on food in New York.

As a true innovator and a consummate food visionary, Gonzalezs everyday goal is to be able to feed people with pure organic love and take every possible opportunity to create awareness about how important it is to think before we taste. Because of his vision and concept, in 2009 Gonzalez was nominated to be Entrepreneur of The Year by Ernst & Young and got the semifinals.

As a food revolutionary, Gonzalez challenges some capitalist paradigms regarding food by highlighting our consumption habits. He says: We must differentiate food companies that care about people and the environmental impact of their business from the ones that want to greenwash us in order to sell more of the same. We are too smart to be greenwashed.

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