Thursday 16, January 2014

Hippocrates Is Rolling In His Grave

What is the one oath that every single medical student pledges before entering into the world of treating the sick? The answer stems from the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates. Here is a very important line from the  modern oath, “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure…” The man […]

Monday 6, January 2014

When a Vegan and Caveman fall in love…

The new GustOrganics Menu:  When a raw vegan and a meat lover fall in love… As promised in my last blog I will tell you about how the new GustOrganics Menu came to be. Without a doubt, first and foremost all of the ingredients stem from a local organic farm (Paul and I will be […]

Sunday 5, January 2014

Meet the GustOrganics Family

Welcome to the GustOrganics blog. This Blog stems from one of the most conscious restaurants in NYC. Who is writing this blog? My name is Kiki Adami and I am the new PR Manager and Catering Director for GustOrganics. I’ve spent the last two years traveling the globe as a Cruise Director. I’ve been to […]